Messerstahl 17pc Deluxe Knife Block Set

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Messerstahl 17pc Deluxe Knife Block Set

Replace all of your current cutlery with the Messerstahl® 17 piece Knife Set. From the paring knife to the bread knife, Messerstahl's 17 piece Home Series Pro Set includes all of the cutlery essentials for an assortment of cutting applications. All the knives in the set are constructed from one piece of fully-forged French steel and feature a full-tang design for strength and stability from tip to tang. The 17 Piece set includes a 10" Steel for keeping blades honed to precision. All of this conveniently and compactly stored in Messerstahl's innovative storage block.What more could you ask for? This will be the last set of cutlery you will EVER have to buy... GUARANTEED!


  • Large Chef’s Knife: For chopping, dicing, and cubing larger portions of meat and vegetables.
  • Carving Knife: Perfect for carving turkeys, chickens & bone-in roasts.
  • Bread Knife: Knife of choice for hard crusted bread and thick skinned fruits.
  • Ham Slicer: Ideal for thin slices of ham and boneless cuts of meat.
  • Boning Knife: Separates cooked and uncooked meat from bones.
  • Small Chef’s Knife: Minces and dices onions, garlic, parsley, etc.
  • Utility Knife: Great for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and sandwiches.
  • Paring Knife: For peeling, paring, and garnishing fruits and vegetables.
  • Carving Fork: Braces turkeys, roasts and hams in place for carving and slicing.
  • Sharpening Steel: Maintenance tool designed to align and maintain the edge of your knives..
  • 6 Steak Knives: Fine table knives equally appropriate for ham, pork chops, and poultry.
  • Poly-Stahl™ Block: Stores all 17 Messerstahl® knives safely and hygenically.